What is Hay Fever?

Allergic rhinitis, commonly called hay fever, is an inflammation or irritation of the mucous membranes that line the nose. This inflammation is your immune system’s response to foreign material in the air you breathe. Hay fever usually refers to allergies to outdoor, airborne materials such as pollens and molds.

Hay Fever Symptoms

Hay fever symptoms could be seasonal or year round depending on what you are allergic to.

Hay Fever Treatment

The best hay fever treatment is to avoid the substances that cause your allergic reaction.

If your hay fever isn’t too severe, over-the-counter medications may be enough to ease your symptoms. For more bothersome symptoms, you may need to speak with your Allergist who may prescribe a more powerful allergy medication.

If your child has hay fever, talk with your Allergist about the best hay fever treatment. Some medications are approved for use in children, while others are approved only for adults. If you want to try an over-the-counter medication for your child, be sure to read the labels carefully.

If the over-the-counter or prescription medications still do not provide prolonged relief from symptoms, you or your child may be a candidate for allergy shots, also known as immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is the only treatment option which provides prolonged symptom relief. Although allergies are not curable, allergy shots may result in complete elimination of allergy symptoms.

If you have questions about Hay Fever, feel free to contact our offices. One of our staff would be happy to answer your questions about Hay Fever and different treatment options offered at Allergy & Asthma Clinics of Ohio.

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