How to Control Asthma Symptoms During Ragweed Season

Q: My stepson has asthma that bothers him most during ragweed season. He also gets eye symptoms (conjunctivitis) in the fall. Although he’s on a controller medication, last September he had an asthma attack that landed him briefly in the ER. I’d like to help him get better control. What would you recommend?

Dr. Bassett: Ragweed pollen allergy affects approximately 20 million Americans, and other weeds and mold spores can contribute to the seasonal misery. Exposure to such potent triggers will have a direct impact on asthma, due to the “united airways” or “nose-lung” relationships.

The key is to have an allergist-directed, proactive approach to stop the madness.

In other words, plan out strategies to help your teen avoid exposures, and employ anti-allergy medications.

You’d be wise also to ask his allergist about immune-based therapies for allergy control, including injections and sublingual medications (which are now FDA approved for certain age groups).


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