Vaccine Seeks to Eliminate Cat Allergies

Cats can be your constant furry companion or the cause of lots of sneezing, an itchy throat and red, watery eyes. If you fall into that second group, you may be in luck thanks to a pending vaccine.

A Swiss pharmaceutical company has developed a vaccine but it’s not for you, it’s for the cats. According to research published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, the vaccine works by suppressing a glycoprotein that cats produce called fel-d-1 which causes allergies in humans.

The company, Hypopet, said initial trials have shown that the vaccine is well tolerated by cats, and they were able to build up strong, lasting antibodies. Ten percent of people are allergic to cats, about twice as many as are allergic to dogs.

While there are allergy shots for humans out there, they mainly help control the symptoms. The other option, of course, is avoidance.

Hypopet says they are hoping that when this vaccine finally becomes available, families will no longer have to part with their pets because of allergies.

According to the shelter animals count national database, almost 1.5 million cats entered U.S. shelters in 2018. However, the actual number is thought to be higher since only 54-percent of counties participate in the database.


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